I’m wondering with everything that goes on in daily life, how does one have time to blog?


It seems that most people don’t have good old fashion hobbies anymore.  Live revolves around texting, YouTube, and Twitter, and I’m sure a dozen more like Facebook etc.  When was the last time you read a book that wasn’t for a school assignment or the like.


When was the last time you went outdoors just to take a walk and enjoy wildlife (except if you live in Africa  ;=))..

I’m not saying that i’m not involved in social media, except it just becomes a bit boring.  I think I might be a bit old fashioned and think that a long phone call with someone who i’m wirelessly connected to is a bit more rewarding that seeing ‘highlights’ of their day.


but that is me, and I don’t really like phone calls either…maybe I’m a Hermit !

yours connected



About vince320

N2AIE Amateur Radio Operator / Builder

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