As you all know by now, if you are a Ham, that Glen Popiel KW5GP produced a book distributed by the ARRL.  This book has some great, and not so great projects that you can build with the Arduino.  They are well laid out, and the software is explained enough that even a newbie could build them.

There are also alternatives to the book, and in some ways compliment it.  I’m in the middle of building (and taking apart) several Ham related Arduino projects.

One of which is a LCD Keypad Shield (shield is from iROBOT.  The shield is currently a configurable Morse code Iambic Keyer.  It has a good look to it, has multiple buttons available from programming.  At some point I could post the software, but it is available on the net… somwhere.

other little proejcts include Ethernet control of high voltage relays.  These can be used to power up your station from off base, and with other controls via your smartphone control the audio and keyline.  If you are so inclined you could also control frequency via HRD and rotate your beam all remotely.

It only takes some time to mechanize and should not be difficult to hook up.

So with some thought in mind of what you want to do, and with the support of Glen and others, you can snazzy up that station of yours.





About vince320

N2AIE Amateur Radio Operator / Builder

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