Not Another Half Finished Project !

Well I started another project, that is somewhat nearing completion.  But not before taking up another project that will be a sister to this one.

So the SSB 6.1 is a single board transceiver capable of several bands CW and SSB.  Built in audio amplifier and finals.  It is controlled by the DDS which is mounted on the front panel.

The front panel design to match the bolted on DDS (which also required modification) and the main board prior to component mounting.

There currently are 2 Facebook pages dedicated to this transceiver.  Both have excellent support help for those getting interested in building this rig.

The transceiver kit comes from Indonesia, and has very poor documentation, but this has been overcome by the moderators of the Facebook pages.




This has been put on hold a bit, for the Overshoes/Boots for this pipsqueek..

QRO…dual 3-500z for 1000 watts of home made power!


pics in the works.






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N2AIE Amateur Radio Operator / Builder

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